home sweet home


I am super duper excited to finally be sharing this. as I mentioned in the post two days ago, I bought my place a year ago. I wanted a “fixer upper”, but nothing Extreme Home Makeoverish. I wasn’t that bold [yet]. so for the next several days, I will share one room at a time of where my house was, and where it is now. first up — the laundry room [closet].

This guy screamed help.

the old linoleum was quite fashionable [go ahead and zoom in, you know you want to]. it consisted of yellow and brown squircles [square circles] with several rips and tears. the carpet was icky due to many years of being used as a rental unit. so I asked the carpet guys to replace the linoleum while they were gonna be in the neighborhood. I sweet talked my way into getting my new piece for only $15.

what do you think of the mauve trim? this was throughout the entire upstairs of the house, except for the master bedroom. someone had cleverly painted over with some type of off white/yellowish flat paint.

don’t fret, you’ll see in a few days.

I had to upgrade the washer & dryer last July…The old washer sounded like a freight train running through the house when it was being used. I actually started to enjoy living at the train station, but then the load capacity button fell off and into the machine – it was stuck on the “small load”, and it gave me a good excuse to call Habitat to come haul them away and invest in some swanky ones.

the wall color [Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore] was continued from the hallway into the closet, and all the shelves were painted to match the trim of the rest of the house [yes, white]. it’s amazing what painting the trim WHITE can do!

unfortunately, the doors had to go. the front loading machines make it impossible to keep doors on. I’ve tossed around several ideas, but I haven’t fell in love with one yet.

I got creative with some fun glass bottles from World Market and put my detergent, fabric softener, and bleach in them. I like how uniform and clean it looks! if you look in the far right corner, you’ll notice a painting peeking through. last summer, I painted a picture of downtown Raleigh at Wine & Design with two sweet friends and the poor thing still hasn’t found a home. I’ve temporarily placed it there, but we’ll see how I’m feeling in a few days!

ps: the laundry sign may or may not be crooked…after three unfortunate holes in the wall, I decided I loved it just the way it was. and I’m still thinking of ideas for the shelf collection.


3 thoughts on “housiversary.

  1. Court: pinky promise indeed!!

    McCall: that is my sister above your post, and she is my BFF. But you, you are my virtual BFF. One day, I will meet you and give you the biggest hug that you deserve. I love you!

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