yummy tummy


I jumped on it. which one? the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie one. no, you aren’t hearing things. jenny made them here and amy made them then there was becky then sweet mccall and each time I saw someone else make one, I was peer pressured. I had to do it. and here are mine. … Continue reading

yummy tummy

oh fudge.

I made fudge for the first time. and it was amazing. and it was chocolate peanut butter fudge. so it was amazing x 1000. and I think that there is a chance that those two flavors together are addicting. and after I made it I got a teensy bit upset because now I’m in trouble. … Continue reading

home sweet home

guest bedroom

you probably thought I had forgotten. or you maybe thought that was all there was to my house. surprise! there’s more than three rooms to my house! and since you thought I was so good at lying, you probably thought I was lying about the mauve. nope – wasn’t. here it is with the icky … Continue reading