long goodbye.

I’m in London. waiting on my flight back to RDU and wishing I was still at the orphanage. I had an unbelievable time, and formed relationships that I will have until the day I meet Jesus. the team started crying as we hugged Teresia, Joseph [her husband], and the elders at the home, and we … Continue reading



habari za asubuhi [good morning] here is Teresia & I outside the current orphanage. I love this woman like crazy already. she has a H U G E heart, and loves Jesus with every inch of it. every single one of these children are her babies, and they love her and call her Mama. she … Continue reading



the name of this post could mean so many things. for instance, I was given the choice of chewing a goat. but, I learned how to say “vegetarian” in Swahili and it’s mla mboga. the Kenyans look at me with very confused faces saying, “you eat vegetables?” they can’t believe it’s a choice! it’s also … Continue reading


jambo (hello)!

after 29 hours of traveling, we are finally here! I was able to spend about 5 hours with Kaitlyn in London, and although my feet and shoulders hurt, it was an amazing day! Kaitlyn was a wonderful tour guide, and took us to some great places. London reminds me a lot of Washington DC. Lots … Continue reading



this time tomorrow I will [hopefully] be in the air and on my way to London. I’m saying hopefully because the flight tonight is delayed for 135 minutes. it’s awesome to look back on the events that brought me here. this day snuck up on me quicker than I imagined it would, and I can’t … Continue reading

Africa / friendship

crazy God.

fall of 2005, I went from my little box at NCSU to the University of Hawaii for the National Student Exchange program. I had the privilege of living in a tropical paradise, while studying a semester of school, and paying their in state tuition. before I left, I exchanged emails with a cute girl from … Continue reading


ooooh man.

hello hello hello! not dead – yay! this is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging. I really thought nobody would notice, but then my sweet friend Kelly [whom I didn’t even KNOW read my blog, so ps thank you & I love you!] asked me why it’d been such a long time – whoops. … Continue reading