home sweet home

master bath.

sorry for neglecting my house update.
to make up for it, i’ve thrown in a little pizaaz.

arrow one points out the obvious jolly green giant that used to live here who needed a high towel bar.
arrow two points out the stripes.
i kick myself a little each day for not taking a better picture of this.
i really think the jolly green giant’s jolly little baby painted them.
these things were all sorts of crooked.
and my dad, bless his heart, had to sand several times to get that wall even.
you can take a stroll back in time to remember the lovely mauve trim first seen here

gross gross gross.

here is my lovely minion sister.
arrow one points out how to save a shirt from getting ruined.
turn it inside out!
crown on head is to make up for calling her out on her fashion faux pas. 
arrow two points to the great work she is doing.
this was the first bathroom we experimented cabinetry painting on.
dad told us it’d be a great idea to paint one and wait to see how it turned out.
we painted all three without stopping and said, “tada! what do you think, dad?”

he loves his life.  he asks for 3-4 movies every birthday/christmas,
but doesn’t even watch them because we keep him so entertained.
true story. he really should start a mini dvd rental company.

i hung and wired that by myself! 
my sweet and uber funny friend, Lizzy, was getting rid of two flush mount lights
that were in her brand new home. 
she was gonna drop those babies off at habitat.
she had two, i needed two.  how cool is that?
i said, “trade ya!” and gave her my icky ones.
what a deal!

here’s my dad, hanging the “annoying” lights.
i gave him a party hat to thank him for his hard work, 
and because who doesn’t love party hats?
lookin’ good, sir!

i did it! 
and i hung that new shower head too.
and there is a vent cover up now.
not sure where it was hiding.

i snagged this adorable mirror from the flea market.
i got this one and a big one in my room for $80.  
what a deal.
and i hung the towel bar at a more reasonable,
non-jolly green giant level.

white trim, you are beeeeautiful.

shower curtain: target
i saw that sucker february 2010, and bought it.
then i matched paint around it. silly, yes, lovely, double yes.
light fixture:  home depot or lowes, i can’t remember
towel bar: lowes
paint on wall:  woodlawn blue by benjamin moore
[first introduced here]
cabinets:  french roast by behr

there ya have it, ladies and gents. 
another successful makeover.


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