home sweet home

the queen’s lair.

master bedroom time.

when i pulled the carpet up, dust flew up in my face like a sandstorm.
the lovely mauve trim in here had been painted over with a flat paint.
so the living room beigey – yellow was on the trim in the master.
desperate i suppose.

but don’t worry, they left the mauve to surprise you when you opened up the closet.
i guess you could say they lived on the edge.

i need a picture over my bed.
next project.

hello new fan. dad gave it to me as a housewarming gift.
it was sitting in their bonus room for 3 years.
it has a remote that makes me feel cool.
my friend, beth said to me, “everything is automatic in your house 
and it is cool/intimidating.”

i told her, “welcome to the jetson’s”

icky white vinyl blinds gone.
replaced with fun roman shades.
those things are super easy to hang.
but they lack privacy. 
next time i’ll probably look into blackout romans.

the breakdown:
quilt: target
pillow: home goods
throw on bed: ikea
side table: target
little white alarm clock: target
lamp base & shade: target
[are you sensing a theme?]
big long mirror: flea market [told ya here]
square cube storage: target
ceramic elephant: idk, but i love him.
roman shades: lowes
hunter fan: dadster 
carpet: idk the exact color, but it’s frieze [aka short shag], and i love the way it feels on my bare feet.
wall color:  stonington gray by benny moore

i loveeee this color.
it’s the same color as my kitchen, and one step darker than wickham gray, 
which is in my living room and up the stairs.

almost done with the tour!


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