home sweet home / what a savior


i feel somewhat guilty for never putting up pictures of my finished kitchen…
especially before selling it.
so now i feel semi-weird posting the kitchen i updated
which no longer belongs to me.
hm…oh well.
here’s the grand debut!
and nothing photoshop-fancy this time,
i got things to do.

hey dad.

in progress!
 new granite & new deep sink!
subway tile backsplash!
 ALL of the outlets were changed in the house.
they were an icky mauve.
now they are sleek, pristine white!
 cabinets painted to Behr: Falling Snow

all drawer-pulls changed out to cup pulls.
found those suckers on eBay for super inexpensive!
kitchen walls: stoning ton gray by benny moore,
also seen here in the queen’s lair
granite color: i have no idea. i’m very sorry. should have written it down
subway tile: either HD or Lowe’s for super cheap. 
24 cents each and they will take back any unused pieces!

some foyer love

that chandelier had to go.
it could have gotten some great love and been restored,
but i wasn’t a fan. 
so it found a home at habitat!

walls: abalone by benny moore matched to behr
also seen here in guest bath
flush mount ceiling light: lowes 2 for $20 (i know!)
the other one is on the opposite side of the hall.

would i do it again? absolutely.
i sit in my rental house and think that it’s super cute and quaint,
but i also spot several things i would like to tackle.
however — i also have to remind myself that this is not my house, 
that i will one day own again,
and i can make another masterpiece.

i cried several times as i moved out of my house
and did the final walkthrough.
i saw my house as something that i could restore, renew, and revive.
and at the same time, 
i desperately needed some restoring, renewing, and reviving.
so when i walked away on friday,
i felt like i was leaving who i used to be behind,
and welcoming in who God intends for me to be.
he is so faithful and his plans continue to surpass what i expected my life to be.

now…time to study.

“rescue me and deliver me in your righteousness;
turn your ear to me and save me.”
-psalm 71:2


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