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chalkboard calendar.

I repinned this amazing chalkboard calendar on pinterest a little over a week ago and fell in love with it:

i don’t think i can ever get sick of martha stewart’s craftiness.  who knows if she actually makes every single idea up herself, i love them anyhow.  i have wanted a chalkboard wall for a while, but i am currently renting.  the landlords are so sweet and told me they didn’t mind if i painted, so i did – the whole house.  and it looks so much better than it did before.  but, i was hesitant about painting with chalkboard paint.  what i did find, was chalkboard vinyl over at Amazon.  you can peel it, stick it, and write all over it.  then when you are done with it, you can toss it.  perfect!  so i bought some and plastered that sucker up on the wall.  the most difficult part was cutting it perfectly straight and lining it up.  because it wasn’t wide enough to my liking, i cut two strips length-wise and put one above the other.  there is a line that runs between the two, but i don’t even care.  you are supposed to “prime” it by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it and then erase it before you write on it.  because i like to be fancy and i hate when chalk breaks in my hand, i bought chalk markers, not chalk.  i scribbled a little bit and erased it, deciding that they were half-serious.  so the only problem is that you can see some wording when i erase it.  lately i’ve been putting really good elbow grease into it to scrub the old letters away.  the white seems to be the only color that really feels like sticking around.  yellow, pink, blue, green – they have no problem coming off.

here is my finished product:

i’ve had so much fun with it!  but i can’t lie, it’s definitely not big enough.  i lovingly gaze at pictures of entire walls, or rooms painted in chalkboard paint.  but, this will have to suffice for now.  the last thing i want to do is paint over a chalkboard wall when it’s time for me to move out.  in my next house, i will have one!  what do you think?

some day:

x, melanie


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