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today’s letters.

Dear Courtney, Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more beautiful, the Lord blesses you with a baby girl.  The love expressed on your face gave me a mere glimpse of how our Father views us.  I have never been more proud of you.  Your serenity, your courage, your peace…all of it brought me to tears.  Your radiating smile beamed even bigger today as you enthusiastically proclaimed, “Isn’t she cute?”  Yes, sweet sister, she is stunning.  She is a miraculous creation.  Today, you held in your arms God’s faithfulness, and I can’t count how many times I have PTL’ed in the past 24 hours.  Dear Jack, holy moly.  When I saw you watch my sister walk down the aisle almost four years ago, I thought I was a goner in the tear factory.  Turns out, that was just a smidgen in comparison of what I could produce today.  I have never seen you smile so big.  I have never seen you love so loudly.  You were hands-down the proudest dad on 4B, and quite possibly in the world.  Thank you for loving my sister and niece beyond measure, and for protecting both of them until the day they leave this earth.  They are truly blessed to have you.  Dear Lucy Mae, good gracious you are breathtaking.  You have your mom’s cute little nose, your dad’s long fingers and toes, and you are already peeping out with alert eyes to see what the world has to offer.  You sent your mom to the hospital a night too soon, proving that you already have jokes up your sleeve, and that you take your sweet time.  You were well worth the wait, little angel.  You are loved by more people than I could count in a waiting room, and that was just day one.  You were born to the most amazing, fun-loving, giving, and adoring parents.  Your name means “light,” and you have already lit up their world and ours.  I pray that you grow up to know just how much Jesus loves you.  Dear Family, I think we win the most excited family award.  We knew no boundaries as we snuck our way to the door to see if we could hear the baby crying, and as we semi-attacked Jack three times as he came out to greet us with news and pictures.  Dear WakeMed, thank you for your large and in charge waiting room.  It was the perfect size for our chaotic family.  And thank you for not telling us we were being too loud, or too rambunctious.  When you put a family mixed with southerners and northerners together, quiet is not really an option.  Dear Becca, thank you for watching my little dog so that I could be with my family.  When I told you I wasn’t sure if I would come home or not, you encouraged me to stay.  I didn’t have to worry one bit about anything back home, you were holding down the fort.  You are a blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful for you.  Dear God, thank you for your unending grace, mercy, and unfathomable ways.  I heard you whisper, “stay,” on Monday night when I was trying to decide between returning home late or going early in the morning.  As I woke up early this morning, discouraged and disheartened about returning back home without a baby sighting, I spied with my little eye a dog in the hallway.  Courtney and Jack are snooze-hitters, so I knew the 6am hallway-dog-watchman was a good sign.  Springing up like Christmas morning, I checked their room and saw zero bodies in the bed.  After a quick text to the BIL, I was informed that they were at the hospital and had just been admitted.  I praise you, sovereign God.  Who cares about my test, my niece was being born today!  After a text to my instructor, I was told I could take it tomorrow.  What!  Again, another gift from You!   Another PTL moment of my day.  Thank you, Lord, for continuing to show me just how perfect Your plans are.  You painted the sky on my way back home and gave me yet another picturesque view as I ended my day.  Dear Jesus, thank you for coming to save me.  You left your Father’s side to endure the pain and temptation of this world so that I could have a relationship with Him.  I can’t thank you enough.



2 thoughts on “today’s letters.

  1. Melanie, congratulations to your sister and to you for being a new aunt! I’m so happy for you that you were able to stay in town for the birth and that all of your family was there. It sounds great!

  2. Oh my goodness what sweet letters. All of your sweet words brought me to tears. Love u! And Lucy Mae is so lucky to have you as her auntie!

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