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friday’s letters.

Dear Nursing School, as of yesterday, I have three months left.  The time really has flown by!  I see the light and I am super excited to see what The Lord has in store for me next.  Dear 28, I met you yesterday and so far you’ve been pretty great.  The Lord has blessed me with another birthday, and I am thrilled to see what He has in store for me.  I received phone calls with songs, text message memos with baby voices wishing me happy birthday, balloons, my favorite – peanut butter m&ms, cute scarves, free coffee, yummy lunch, thoughtful painted signs, coffee mugs, cards on the doorstep, a cute new journal, a pumpkin pie filled with birthday candles, the most incredibly worded cards, and more.  Dear Roommate, I am so blessed to have you!  I woke up to an abundance of sticky notes, my Birthday Cake candle lit, the Christmas tree lit, a sweet bag of goodies, and yummy breakfast.  Thank you, thank you!  Dear Family and Friends, I love you so much.  God truly knew what He was doing when He gave me each and every one of you.  Dear Winston-Salem, thank you for surprising me.  I never knew I’d fall in love with you like I have.  My church body and family of friends could not have shown me more love yesterday.  My heart is happy.



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