life / what a savior


“necesita un intérprete?” i asked the woman coming toward me. she gave me a puzzled look, and with broken english, she told me that she didn’t understand that much english. right, i thought, which is precisely why…my thoughts trailed off as a lady i was working with overheard our conversation and quickly ushered the spanish interpreter in … Continue reading

Love / what a savior

you are enough.

do you ever feel like you don’t measure up? that: you aren’t smart enough. you aren’t thin enough. you aren’t rich enough. you aren’t beautiful enough. you aren’t creative enough. you aren’t happy enough. me?  yes to all.   newsflash: someone will always be smarter, thinner, richer, more beautiful, more creative, and happier than you.  but they will never be you.  i … Continue reading