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back the pack!

nathan, michael, cullen, and ryan  after winning the silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay on sunday!  cullen jones sat beside me at the beginning of my creative writing class at nc state.  he doesn’t know this.  hi cullen!  he disappeared a few weeks later, and clearly he had über important olympic training to attend … Continue reading

life / what a savior


“necesita un intérprete?” i asked the woman coming toward me. she gave me a puzzled look, and with broken english, she told me that she didn’t understand that much english. right, i thought, which is precisely why…my thoughts trailed off as a lady i was working with overheard our conversation and quickly ushered the spanish interpreter in … Continue reading

Love / what a savior

you are enough.

do you ever feel like you don’t measure up? that: you aren’t smart enough. you aren’t thin enough. you aren’t rich enough. you aren’t beautiful enough. you aren’t creative enough. you aren’t happy enough. me?  yes to all.   newsflash: someone will always be smarter, thinner, richer, more beautiful, more creative, and happier than you.  but they will never be you.  i … Continue reading